NORDKAPP developed, manufactures and sells, internationally, excellent insulated-heated diving and outdoor products.

military, professional divers, mountain climbing, hunters and fishermen.

Our products are specially designed or innovated to increase safety and to save lives at the highest levels. Our unique NORDKAPP Series consists of one of the world best diverheating suits.


“Brand of the BRAVE”






NORDKAPP Series, made of a unique polar-fleece in

combination with a secret insulation material. Plus a

waterproof (matt) back and breathing outside material.


This system was developed to bring a wider variety of

safey and performance functionalities together in one

protective unique elite systen. When getting wet the

insulation does not dissapear as happens in ALL other suits.




The proven, by SF-tests, benefits are:

. Warmth without weight

. Flame resitant

. Very flexible

. Great “all weather insulation”

. Highly breathable

. Very fast drying

. Feeling dry when wet

. Extreme durable and strong

. Easy care ad UV-safe

. World”s best insulation form space

. Unique S.M.S heating systems




It wil be obvious that we use 4 layers per suit and still have maximal flexibility.

The outside material is a mat black flame resistant fabric. Beneath that we positioned a secret material that absolutely even blocks the cold to enter the suit or body.

Benath that, as a third layer we do have flame resitant elite polar fleece. On the inside, to hide the wires and give the warmth and most room to spread itself, we did make a 3-D fabric of Heathcoat.

A military fabric as well Strong, comfortable and beatifull. These 4 layers represent world’s, only and best, elite insulated-heated suits. 


By developed innovative knitting techniques, NORDKAPP decided to make the NORDKAPP POLAR and push the capabilities of the suit to elitelevels of comfort and performance. Core warmth is regulated by thermal apricots that contain heat without restricting breathability.