The Raysuits conist of the following parts:

A. The suit made of 4 up to 8 layer of the best elite fabrics
B. The Seal- controller on the chest that goed into the drysuit

C. Multiple microwire, waterproof heating panels
D. Heavy suty deep sea batteries with E/O -cords (explosionfree)
E. 3 Hours of energt per battery and yiu cab change them under water.

Rayforce -suits consits of the most advanced functional fabrics, up-to-date design and our Raytecwire woven metallic Heating Wire Technology that generates heat and warms up the interior of the body. The material is amazingly strong ad will not break. The heat will be supplied even with some damage.

It”s available for cold wateractivities such as surfing. diving and swimming and kayaking. But also the Rayforce Series are the best suitable solution for all kinds of professional jobs, Mountainclimbing, watersports, sailing, fishing,kajaking, police work, military work.

Rayforce Series is your only, best and most reliable therma solution to your freezing conditions. Our Rayforce Series are a formidable mix of the highest standards in military and space-technological innovations. The design of the Series are most wanted and appreciated. Flame-resistance and maximum flexibility are just two of them. But the main inventuin is the incomparable insulating capacity. ( Other characteristics stay secret.)

WOVEN Raywire Heating Wire is the most advanced non-metallic power heating wire in the world that is used in consumor and professiona products.

As the Microwire Heatingwire is made of non-metallc materials; we have all advantages of non-metallic characteristics. These advantages include: asy power supply, durable, flexible and washable. Rayforce is a pioneer in this industry. And now we are developing a succesfuly portable bower heating products for professional diving, water- and outdoorsports diving and medical care.


Rayforce Series do have the following features:

-Non-metallic outside characteristics
– Waterproof, durable, secure. stable, high strength
-Bendable and twistable
– Easy power supply by DC and AC voltage
– High heat transfer effiency with low power consumption
– No electromagnetic interfence. Military demanded
– 3-D heat transportation flexible fabric
– Anti-bacterial fabrics and washable
– removable heating-pads
– multi- functional unique controller for Sea-Air and Land.
– revolutionary batteries ROV-waterproof to 6000 meters
– non-magnetic batteries, very small, sttrong
E/O-cords plus 2 plugs ( 1 for the heating & 1 fir diving torch or video torch) Two betteries of 7,4 Volts and 10 Ah) Waterproof 6000 meters)
– batteries made of rubber (underwater replaceable)
– batteries made of rubber (Underwater replaceable)
– feeling fry when wet
– very strong unique insulation.

Rayforce Series is a real high quality German product and is developed tot the highest military and civilian standards.
Let it be very clear to anyone that we do not use Chinese or Taiwa parts or fabrics