Staying comfortably warm during a gale or snowstorm, on your bike, boat or even just walking in the forest, mountains and beaches. NORDKAPP is always with you and gives your body warmth, Your body exactly needs the warmth it is loosing to enviroment circumstances.

The wonderfull, high capacity body heaters, windjackets and bodywarmers give the very best protection against cold and hypothermia. And you may believe this because Special Forces did test our poroducts and even helped to create them. So it is made to serve the best. The test was made in november 2015 and was stunning. 75 minutes with the NORDKAPP POLAR in 6 degrees Celsius water. Shocking.

A very healthy warmth penetrates your body and goed into your bloos circulation and the hart. They increases your body temperature and also makes blood a little more fliud. Because of this side-effects extremities stay open.That means that human flesh does not become a way for the cold to get in. The etra warmth that is ceated into the body, ( about 1,3 degrees Celsius , man 31 years old)is brought to absulutely the smallest parts and etrimities of your body.

NORDKAPP Hypothermia Protection Systems : The heat cannot get out and the cold cannot get in. The only Hypothermia Protection System on this planet. 

World,s first elite insulated-healed, multiple system
hypotheria protection suit.

1. Outside waterproof
2. Outside breathing
3. Unique insu-material
4. Polarfleece, FR
5. 8 Heating panels
6. Waterproof
 2x high tech batteries

” Best in the world” 


Our high cappicity batteries ( 2 x 7,4 VOLTS AND 10 AH,15, 20 Amh ,  will warn you up in less than 1 minute and will keep your innerbody and outer warm for 5 hours. Our batteries , completely made in Germany with no Chinese components, are water-and pressure proof up to 6000 meters. The do have an E/W cord 18AWG female connector and can be chanhed under water. They are 70 mm wide,
50 mm thick and 190 mm longand can safe and easily be worn under, or on the outside of, the drysuit. There is absolutely no possibility for explosion and a shortcut-safety is built in also!!

Years of experiences in ghe production of ROV-s” brought us to this system. It is one of the safest batteries in the world.

The external (Sea-Air-Land-controller) Type “Descender” of the Rayforceheated suit, is state of the art. A professionally designed and manufactured control-unit with 2 stages ( connected with E/O-cords) makes it possible to chage te temperature very easily. Even withc thick gloves. This is the best systen ever made.

Great advantage is a total absence of cold experience!!

You and all divers will gave much more comfort in diving because you can and will carry thinner divingsuits and underlayers.

This also includes wetsuits. much less weight will be neede for diving and this brings  greater manouvrability and safety.

Because the cold stays away it will have no effect on body an human mind. That means that you will stay focussed being a professional in operations or a tech-diver during his long and deep dives