Heated diving technical

Your Elite NORDKAPP HYPOTHERMIA PROTECTORS will “heat-your-way”. Your portable lifeguard.

Diving, sailing, fishing, kiting, policework, miliary operations. It all can done safer, with greater pleasure and with much higher way of seuring personal safety which will increase the results of operations in hazardous surroudings.

We developed a revolution in the battle against any influence and deadly effects of the cold on human beings. We actually designed you Third Dimension in diving. Than we learned to stay dry. And now we learn to keep us warm, and relax, as if we are at home.

We did help nature a little. Nature cannot give you adequate warmth when you loose it…But we can and we will !! Nordkapp Hypothermia Systems.





The NORDKAPP 1 + 2 + 3 are MADE TO MEASURE full-bodysuits which are an amazing musthave” . Any watersporting or outdoor man and woman will adore it. They are unique in the world!! Nordkapp, as the latest standard int the technique brings the highest standard of safety one can imagine.

Also the professionals in the offshore and special forces, think so and wrote on paper that the Nordkapp Systems really do as promissed.

It keeps the cold absolute outside by blocking the “cold-bridge”, heats the inside of the suits, spreads the heat and keeps, by this, the extremities wide open. And therefore the warmth of the interior of the body can also come to the surface and keep the inside of the suits warm. A 2-awy functionallity and a technical imitation of the human and mamal skin. So this unique , and nowhere else to be seen hypothermia protection sytems  controls the inside ànd the outside temperture.

The cold will stay where it belongs ….OUTSIDE.

Nordkapp Series is the only new standard and the latest development in todays technique. The only patented standard!! 

“Nordkapp heats the way”.



The NORDKAPP “DIVERHEATER” is a very reliable loyal companion up to 6000!! meters deep, and for many hours (4-8) in less than a minute it will increase your bodytemperature and can and allows you to initiate  your adventure. Because your outer pores are left open by our additional heat supplied, active cold is no longer incoming.

The remote controler triggers a perfect adjustment of temperature at andy depth. Which makes it possible for you to  even stay even longer, and at greater depts,  in full freedom and comfort. Now you can even go diving with much thinner undergarment and, because of that, you will have to carry less weight on your divingbelt. NORDKAPP makes diving safer by building comfort and heating your way.



Nordkapp insulated-heated suits are “State of the Art” for many long, cold and deep dives or other pursuits in cold weather areas.

The Nordkapp Hypothermia Protection  are composed as follows:
1. Full body suit with inside layer of elite fleece, with merino wool.
2. A second layer of top-secret insulating material, anti-bacterial, flexible
3. A third soft insulating layer of a suer compact soft insulator
4. Unique elite micro-wire heating panels made by Gearbing
5. Elite Rubber small batteries ( 7,4 Volts//10Ah) Operble to 6000 meters
6. Unique SEAL-connectors and Thermovalve (Apeks and Si-tech fitted)
7. S.M.S.-system (own design and patented)
8. 3,25 hours of warmth with 1 Battery.(You can connect 4!!!!)

NORDKAPP HYPOTHERMIA PROTECTION contain dry- and wets versions. For any budget.
Full body Insulated-heatsuits as dry-verions:
1. Diving      for all drysuit and tech-diving and special forces
2. Outdoor     for rescue-opertors, sailors 
3. Maritime       for mariners, submariners, offshore 
4. Transport        for bikers, truckers,police,ambulance
Versions for wet and dry : Joan version

1. Joan version with 2-3panels and  1 battery
2. Stealth-version (secret for now). Unique in the world!